Your Lifestyle and Your Technology

As technology moves faster and faster, bigger and better mobile devices emerge. It wasn’t long ago that tablets were introduced; now they are common. And most individuals in the business world have smartphones. As these newer, more robust tablets and smartphones are released to the market, you may feel some pressure to buy these new devices.

Diff’rent folks, diff’rent tech

But, not everybody needs the latest and greatest. Some people may, but others can get by with employing the same tech for years. Before acquiring your next piece of technology it can be useful to analyze your lifestyle to determine what tech is necessary.


Tablets can be fun little gadgets, and they are very handy. But are they important for every consumer? If you check your mail, work on excel sheets, or write mostly from home or work, you may not need a tablet. Perhaps you want to avoid working on your commute to get some much needed alone time, then you may not want to get a tablet. If you are an individual who works mostly on the go, at coffee shops or from your car between meetings with clients, a tablet can make your life much easier.

The Smartphone revolution

Smartphones are handy devices that let us send and receive email and surf the web. Many people in the business world have them nowadays. But do we all need them? Some of us may just need a normal phone. This, again, involves what you need access to while on the go. If you receive many emails that are time sensitive you may need a device, like a smartphone, that alerts you when you get an email. However if you only check your email while in the office, then it may be beneficial to only have a normal phone so you aren’t reminded of work during your off hours.

Next time you learn about the next version of the iPad, or the newest and fastest smartphone, consider how you live your life. This will help you decide if you need to make the investment.