Video games that are more work than fun

Don’t get plenty of work time on the job? You’re in luck. The video-gaming world is filled with games that seem more like work than fun. So have a look at these games highlighted in a recent PCWorld story if you’re looking to bring a little more work in your after-office hours.

Running a city

No argument here that managing a city isn’t hard work. And thanks to the classic SimCity video game, you, too, can experience the frustrations and long hours of managing a metropolis. And you won’t even need to run for mayor to make it happen. As PCWorld says, succeeding in SimCity takes long hours. You need to plan housing developments, open shopping centers, lay roads and collect taxes. While you’re doing this? The residents of your city will probably hate you.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is another hugely popular game. It’s also one that involves lots of work. As PCWorld says, you will need to pick a career, follow orders and do it over and over again. Everyone in World of Warcraft has a job to perform. And if you don’t do yours? You will never earn enough points for the genuine fun stuff in the game.

The mundane real world…in video-game format

Cart Life is that most unusual game that enables you to relive all of the stress and dull routine of daily life, but now you’re calling it a game. In Cart Life, you can play either as a single mom working as a barista, a flustered newsstand operator or a hectic baker. None of the options are enjoyable, and each requires you to balance daily necessitates with making enough money to earn the rent and pay the bills each month.