Amazon setting up Sunday deliveries

Don’t be surprised to see your mailman appear with an Amazon package this Sunday…if you reside in one of three key cities: New York, Los Angeles or London. The online retail giant recently announced plans that it will deliver packages on Sundays during the holiday season in these cities, according to a story on the TechCrunch Web site.

Holiday business

Amazon did this in part to handle the holiday crunch season. The online retailer has become an increasingly important part of the holiday shopping season, and there are no signs that this trend will lessen this season. Besides, what’s easier than locating all your holiday gifts online and then scheduling them for delivery while relaxing in front of your own computer?

Not all qualify

As TechCrunch reports, though, not all customers will are eligble for Amazon’s Sunday deliveries, even if they happen to live in New York, London or Los Angeles. That’s because this service is only available to Amazon Prime members. The Prime program is a form of preferred customer subscription service. It costs $79 per year to be a Prime member.

More roll-outs?

If you don’t live in New York, Los Angeles or London, don’t worry. This is merely a pilot program for Amazon. The company has plans to bring the Sunday-deliver program to other markets — including cities such as Dallas, Houston and New Orleans — in 2014.