You need to learn about your Twitter followers

Amassing a sizable group of Twitter followers isn’t overly difficult. Inspiring these followers, though, to buy the products that your company offers, though, is a much more challenging task. Even more difficult? Persuading these followers to spread the word about your business among their friends and family members. Fortunately, the Small Business Trends Web site presented a useful strategy that business owners can use to build more engaged Twitter followers.


According to Small Business Trends, one of the best ways to gain more interaction from Twitter followers is to learn more about these followers. This can be done with such products as SalesForce Marketing Cloud, SoDash, BirdSong and KnowYourFollowers.

What They Tell You

Here’s what these programs will tell you: In what state your followers live, what gender they are, their age, what other Twitter accounts they follow and where they work. Valuable information, no?


If you know more about your followers, you can tailor your Twitter account to better serve their desires. This lets you post messages and offers that your followers are usually more apt to respond to. Which, naturally, is the end goal of social media advertising.