Tools for Pulling Demographic Intel from Your Social Media Followers

Understand Your Social Demographic

Do you know who’s following you? Socially, of course. Well, you should! A lot of us have thousands of fans and followers, and yet for the life of us can’t figure out where they go when you send out a Tweet, update or post. Are they real, or are you just not giving them what they are looking for from you? Any type of marketing relies on ensuring that you’re matching message to market, and your social media is not any different. You simply have to understand whom you are speaking with and what interests them.

How does one measure social media demographics?

The usual tools to discern the demographics of your audience (Compete, Quantcast, etc) aren’t quite up to the job yet of measuring the critical data that makes up your social audience. Thankfully, for all of us, many new tools are sprouting up as we speak to assist us to gauge the likes, dislikes and trends of our followers and fans.

Three hot new tools!

Here are three social media demographic tools that complete the task!

DemographicsPro Known until recently as KnowYourFollowers, this tool breaks down your Twitter followers into literally oodles of information, including country, state, gender, interests, other people followed, their jobs and a lot more. This is delivered in both a numerical and percentage format, providing you with the best chance to target your followers.

Birdsong A social intelligence tool, Birdsong delivers on demand analysis and insight on what brands are talking about on their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and others. Learning how your competition is targeting their social media is very useful information that can give you direction for your campaigns also.

SoDash A very unique and useful tool SoDash combines the act of listening to social media into actual lead generation, customer service, brand management and competition monitoring.

Understanding the buzz and chatter about you and your competitors is the beginning of being able to use the information better in your marketing.