Getting the most out of iOS7

Apple unveiled its latest version of iOS7 for its iPad and iPhone devices. The tech press has covered the new operating system in detail. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tricks and tips that you can’t learn to make your iOS7 experience better. Fortunately, Entrepreneur magazine just recently wrote a story talking about several iOS7 tricks that’ll make your mobile experience better.

Text info

Sometimes you don’t just want to read a text message. Occasionally you want to know exactly when that text message got there. With the new mobile version of iOS7, this can be done easily. As the Entrepreneur story reveals, you merely have to swipe your finger from right to left on your device’s text screen. This will retrieve the exact time at which your friends, family members and co-workers sent you the text message.


iOS7’s compass app is a pretty neat tool, especially if you have no idea of whether you’re heading west or east. But do you know that you can transform the compass into a leveling tool? Entrepreneur does. Just open your compass app and swipe to the very next screen. This will show a leveling tool, so that you can use your iPhone or iPad to find out if that shelf you are hanging is actually level.


Wish to search for a particular app, text message or e-mail? You can. But in iOS7, this function is no longer called search. Now, it’s known as “spotlight.” But no matter, it’s still a powerful way to find just about anything. You can use “spotlight” to search for specific videos, files, apps, contacts, e-mails or texts.