Dropbox’s big photo-sharing plans

Cloud-based file-sharing service Dropbox has rapidly developed into a favorite of computer users thanks to its simpleness and power. But now Dropbox has a new mission, as outlined by TechCrunch writer Matthew Panzarino. According to him, the company now would like to be the cloud’s default photo-sharing service. And, due to a new Mac app that automatically detects, uploads and produces shared links for the screenshots you produce on your computer, Dropbox is a step closer to fulfilling this goal.


It’s true that a fairly small group of users rely heavily enough on screenshots to make this app worth it. Journalists, app developers and heavy Twitter users are three such groups. But, as Panzarino writes, that’s not the point: The app is simply one more bit of evidence that Dropbox has its sights set on becoming the top photo-sharing solution.

A future of ease?

If Dropbox reaches this goal, it could definitely make your life simpler. It’s a pain right now to save, store and send photos. Dropbox’s hope is that one day every photo you shoot will be automatically uploaded to Dropbox. That’s good for Dropbox, of course. It’s great for the service’s users, also.


It’s difficult to predict the future, but it really does look bright for Dropbox. The cloud is huge with consumers today. And few products have taken advantage of that like Dropbox.