Is It Time for You to Start Using LinkedIn Business Pages?

Is It Time for You to Start Using LinkedIn Business Pages?

It was bound to happen: LinkedIn has grown from what was just a job board for business professionals, to a full-fledged substitute for Facebook and Google pages. People are actively sharing content and sharing resources, making ‘connections” which are turning out to be very beneficial in their business. LinkedIn now possesses over 3 million company pages and some 225 million members, which makes it the internets’ top business professional network.

How small business can be helped by LinkedIn

There are numerous ways having a business page on LinkedIn can help your brand. Let’s examine a couple.

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profiles – Ensuring that you optimize your company page with any keywords you are going after, in addition to any contact information. Filling your home page as well as any targeted pages you decide to use with relevant content needs to be high on your to-do list. Take note that profiles and pages do appear in Google search as well as on LinkedIn, so it’s smart to make the best possible use of this.
  • LinkedIn search – What you post on LinkedIn can and will appear both in a LinkedIn search as well as Google. Keeping your search keywords consistent can help you rank as highly as possible for the desired search terms. Another plus is the recently announced ability for LinkedIn admins to post as your brand, instead of as a single person. New endeavors such as the acquisition of SlideShare, LinkedIn Influencers and Sponsored Updates are ample evidence of LinkedIn’s commitment to search.
  • Create great content – Without a doubt one of the better ways for you to benefit from the LinkedIn platform is by creating and sharing awesome content. Taking advantage of not only your home page content, but also the tabs for products and careers is an excellent chance to show your best content. Make liberal use of video also.
  • Link out to social media – Astonishingly two-thirds of the top 100 LinkedIn company pages do not link back to their own social channels from LinkedIn. This really is a no-brainer, and it has Google search benefits as well.

LinkedIn is not just a glorified job board these days. It’s a full-fledged and active social network having a business flavor. Start taking advantage of LinkedIn company pages today!